Payment Solutions

Integrated Cashless Payment Solutions

Today, NETS is an integral part of daily life in Singapore. From shopping to transport, paying bills and fees, or transferring money, NETS ensures that payments are made swiftly and securely each and every time.

In order to provide smooth operations within our wide range of pest control services to our valued clients, we have now intensify to provide easy and convenience cashless payment solutions right to your doorsteps.

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Innovative One Stop Payment Solutions

At Pentapest Pte Ltd, all our vehicles are equip with a lightweight handheld NETS wireless terminal for most types of cashless transactions. We now accept payment via NETS, NETS Contactless, NETS Debit, NETS FlashPay, NETS CashCard & NETS QR anywhere, anytime, right to your doorsteps.

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We also accept other types of payment modes via internet banking, inter-bank giro or cheques payment to our company corporate account. For other types of payment solutions, feel free to contact Pentapest Pte Ltd or email us at

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