Flies Control & Management

Flies are considered a nuisance by most people but they can also spread diarrheal illnesses. They have a hairy body and sticky foot pads that can easily carry germs and bacteria from contaminated sites to clean sites and also food. Not all species of flies are pests. Many are beneficial, some are predators on pest insects and others are pollinators.

Service We Provide

  • UV Light Traps
  • Flush Out Treatment
  • Residual Application
  • WP Application
  • Granular Bait Station
  • Monitoring Station
  • ULV Misting (Indoor)
  • Follow Up Session
  • Warranty Assurance

Flies Threat

Flies pose a serious threat to human health. Flies do not sting or bite but they can be a substantial threat to humans. These pests carry up to 100 different disease-causing germs. Diseases linked to transmission by flies include ameobic dysentery, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, anthrax, poliomyelitis and cholera which can be incredibly harmful to your health, so it’s important to make sure these flies stay away from your home or workplace for good.

If you encounter flies infestation don’t hesitate to contact us or email us at info@pentapest.com.sg. Our dedicated and reliable team of highly trained specialists has over 20 years combined of pest control experience. Pentapest will identify the root of your problem and implement a solution made specifically for your home or business.