Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

Pentapest Termite Rescue specialist use the latest tools and technology available to tackle your termite problem.

Termatrac Hero

Termatrac T3i

The Ultimate 3-in-1 tool to Detect, Confirm & Track the presence of termites.

The TERMATRAC T3i is The Worlds No. 1 Termite Detector and has revolutionized the practice of professional termite detection by combining the three critical technologies required to competently and efficiently detect, locate & confirm the presence of termites:

1. Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide

1. Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide

The Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide built into the TERMATRAC T3i hand-held unit performs a similar role as a thermal imaging camera, enabling the operator to ‘point & scan’ for changes in building surface temperature which is a common sign of termite infestation.

2. Moisture Sensor

2. Moisture Sensor

The Moisture Sensor built into the TERMATRAC T3i streamlines . Penta Pest specialists ability to identify concentration of moisture in walls typical of termite risk areas.

3. Termite Detection Radar

3. Termite Detection Radar

TERMATRAC’s latest patented Termite Detection Radar system remains the only technology device in the world that can precisely locate and track the presence of termites without the need for physical penetration of walls, floors or ceilings, and will not disrupt and displace termite activity.

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Thermal Imager

High Performance Thermal Imaging With Infrared Themometer.

The THERMAL IMAGER is a handheld infrared thermal imaging camera with a revoluationary approach to professionally detect termite infestation quick and accuracy as well as for building diagnostics that detects the differentials in moisture and heat energy.

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Concept Of Thermal Imaging

An Infrared thermal imaging camera creates an image based on thermal energy rather than visible light. When termites have concentrations of activity or nesting within walls, the infrared thermal imaging camera can detect moisture and heat caused by that activity.

Many other things in the premises will cause heat and moisture; such as electrical circuits, hot water systems, refrigerators, water seepage, AC condensation or leakage water pipe. So when heat or moisture is detected it does not necessarily mean that termites are present. Minor amounts of termite activity will not cause the differentials in heat or moisture required for termites to be detected but to further monitor the situation.

If the infestation area is not active upon time of inspection or the suspect infested area to be an old infestation, then little may be detected using the infrared thermal imaging camera. The very nature of termite activity means that they do come and go with changing conditions.

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If you encounter termites infestation, please contact Pentapest Pte Ltd for inspection & treatment immediately!

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